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About Us


A Letter From Our Principal

Greetings, and thank you for exploring St. Patrick Catholic School! 


When selecting a school for your child, we understand that the process goes beyond good information and vital statistics. There is a “feeling” you are searching for. It is hard to pinpoint, but when you “feel” it you know it. 


Our community, since its inception, exudes spirit and energy. We love learning and growing in our Catholic faith; we love welcoming others along the journey; we love creativity and innovation and service to others. 


Our Catholic school is a critical piece to our mission. It is a partnership with parents - an act of love that transforms each of us. Working together, we approach each child as unique, understanding that we are educating the whole child, including their mind, heart, body, and spirit. 


The global pandemic has been difficult. Amidst the challenges, we are gleaning new lessons as well as solidifying old ones. Among them include appreciating the power of community, the willingness to learn and to inspire, and the nourishment that our faith provides each of us. 


Please accept our invitation to learn more about St. Patrick. This includes exploring all our programs on our website, scheduling a tour, and speaking to other families who have experienced St. Patrick. 


We humbly thank you for your desire to learn more about our Catholic community. May God bless you and your family as you explore the best fit for your family.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Nathan Sturtzel, Principal

A Message From Our Pastor
Fr. Jeff new photo

Dear Friends in Christ, 

Welcome to Saint Patrick Catholic School! The Church teaches us that "parents are the principal and first educators of their children" (CCC 1653).  We are honored that you have chosen to partner with us in this profound responsibility. It is a sacred trust and I pledge that we will hold the dignity and well-being of your children in the highest regard.

As your pastor, I will seek to be a good shepherd for you and your children. This begins with loving care, grows through understanding, faith, and prayer, and comes to fulfillment by the grace of the Holy Spirit alive in your hearts.  

Peace in Christ, 

Fr. Jeff

Rev. Jeffrey P. Shooner

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