2021-2022 Tuition Rates

JK - 8th Grade















            Additional Fees JK - 8th Grade          Curriculum & Instruction Fee:  $575 per child
 Chromebook (6-8th grade):  $350 per child

Preschool Only
















            Additional Fees Preschool Only                                      Program Fee:  $200 per child

For families with children in both Preschool and JK - 8th Grade:
Tuition for Preschool is in addition to the JK - 8th grade rates.  The multi child discount does not include preschool.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

Click on the CEF logo below for detailed information.  You do not need to be Catholic to apply.

Common Tuition Questions & Answers

Who is an active registered parishioner?

Parishioners are Catholics who have completed and submitted a new parishioner packet with the church office, faithfully attend Mass at Saint Patrick and fulfill their annual Stewardship pledge of time, talents and treasure.

Does tuition cover all costs?

There will be a few other fees including a non-refundable Registration Fee, a book and technology fee as well as an optional Bus Fee, daily snack fee for primary grades and uniform/spirit wear costs. Fortunately, our tuition is subsidized by the generosity of our parishioners through financial stewardship which allows us to keep our costs down. Lunch service is optional and is provided through Taher Catering for a daily cost.

How do we pay and when?

Tuition payments for the upcoming school year begin July 1 st , which is the beginning of each new fiscal year. Payments will be made automatically through the FACTS Management Company. Further questions can be answered by contacting the parish business office at (502)244-6083.

Am I expected to continue tithing to the church along with my tuition payments?

Financial support from all parishioners is essential to continue covering parish expenses and provide for our many ministries. It is acknowledged that many school families may find it difficult to meet the tradition of 5% to the church and 5% to other charities along with a tuition payment.Therefore, we ask all parishioners to prayerfully discern what gift they can give, and fulfill their commitment each year.

How does tuition work if we have a Preschooler and children in higher grade?

The tuition for a Preschool student is separate from the tuition rates for JK-8th grade. For example, if you have a 3 year old, a 2nd grader and a 5th grader: you would pay the preschool rate for one child in addition to the 2 child rate for JK-8th grade students. Once all three students are in one of the upper grades you will be able to participate in the multi-child discount.

Is there financial aid available and do we need to be Catholic to apply?

Yes! There are two sources of financial aid. First, you need to apply to the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) through the Archdiocese of Louisville. You do not need to be Catholic to apply. Visit for more details. The sooner you apply within the available window the better your chances of receiving an award after qualifying. The application window opens in mid December with a February deadline. Depending on the monetary response from Archdiocese assistance, your request will then be evaluated through the St. Patrick tuition assistance program. Additional information may be requested at that point and all application information will be kept confidential. The goal is to make enrollment at St. Patrick Catholic School as accessible as possible.