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St. Patrick has been such a blessing to our family!  Our daughter began school at St. Patrick Catholic School last fall 2020 and, within weeks, we knew we had found our home!  Despite the struggles of the pandemic over the past last year, my daughter has excelled in school, made friends, and had such fun being involved in soccer, golf, and volleyball!  Our whole family went through RCIA and we truly feel we are where we belong.  Our youngest is starting St.Patrick pre-school this fall, and we cannot wait for all the great things in store for this year!

- Carly & Shane Harvey

We were originally attracted to St. Patrick because of the faith-based education our sons would receive, but we've stayed because of the overwhelming feeling of community the school offers.  From the faculty and staff who love and treat our children as if they were their own to the other parents who've quickly grown as best friends, the community is what makes St. Patrick what it is.  You just get a feeling of being at home when it comes to St. Patrick, and that's the best feeling you can ask for from a place that our children will spend most of their childhood.  St. Patrick's people are our people. St. Patrick is our home.

- Jimmy & Jeanine McKenzie

We joined St Patrick in January, 2021. We were at the time enrolled in our local JCPS elementary, and while we loved our little school and the teachers and families, we realized that being at a great school in the JCPS system wasn’t enough, we were feeling the ramifications of decisions made for an entire COUNTY of students. 


 As a parent, I felt a sense of relief on day one of my kids being at St Patrick. I even emailed our principal, I was so ecstatic. My girls got into the car smiling, talking non-stop about their day and their new friends. They had been out of the classroom for almost an entire year at that point. Over the next month, I was emailed frequently from each teacher seeing how we were adjusting to the school. I signed up to volunteer and met more teachers and parents. They each seemed to somehow know my name and whom my kids were. I never had that at our last school, despite volunteering and having kids there 5 years. 


My husband and I were both part of catholic schools as kids. Right away in January, that familiar feeing of belonging to a school family came back to me. I am so excited to see what the years have in store for our 3 kids as they grow at St Patrick! 

- Adam and Sarah McClish

“One thing I liked, was how easy it was to make friends.” - Kendall, new student


“I was worried about the girls changing schools in the middle of the year, but the staff and students were so welcoming, and the transition was so easy.  We couldn’t be happier with our decision to join St. Patrick.” - parent of new student

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