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6th -8th grade:   

Middle School students use their critical thinking and analytical skills to question, debate, explore, invent and engage with more depth. 

St. Patrick middle school students continue to impress their secondary schools of choice thanks to their commitment to high achievement, community service, and mature perspectives on their academic and spiritual growth. Our middle school students are held to very high standards. Our faculty are middle and high school certified, and they challenge students with assessments and projects that require critical thinking, academic research, strong organization, and creative presentation. Community involvement and extracurriculars also play pivotal roles in the lives and development of our 6-8th graders.   


Located in the newly designed and renovated Learning Commons, our classrooms are uniquely placed in their space on campus, which is equipped with a Science Lab, a collaborative media center, Music Room, Art Room, Drama Room, MakerSpace, administrative offices, bathrooms, and its own bell schedule.

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