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Vision Statement

"Excellence.  Reimagined..."

Where Tradition meets Innovation.  St. Patrick is founded on a tradition of strong academic performance, character and faith development while also looking ahead and pursuing advancements and procedures that enhance the learning experience.  We value this tradition as we use it as a base to think ahead, to respond to the needs of students and be in the forefront of Catholic education.

Our Mission

St. Patrick Catholic School community, partnering with the family, provides students with exceptional spiritual and academic programs deeply rooted in our Catholic faith tradition.

Our Philosophy

St. Patrick Catholic School is a co-educational school serving preschool, elementary and middle school students. In partnership with the family, parish and civic community, the school assists students in the acquisition of knowledge, skills and values necessary to the development of a mature responsible individual.


Inspired by the example of St. Patrick as educator and missionary, students are presented with a two fold challenge; first, to fulfill their intellectual potential through the pursuit of truth and knowledge; and second, to fulfill their human potential by working for the common good in light of gospel values. In concert with the Archdiocese of Louisville's strategic plan for Lifelong Formation and Education, St. Patrick Catholic School fosters an atmosphere where academic and cultural differences are acknowledged, respected and celebrated.


St. Patrick Catholic School recognizes the individuality of each student. The school seeks to balance academic and spiritual growth with concern for physical and emotional development. St. Patrick Catholic School will provide an environment in which truth and love are developed together.

Value Tradition

Individual Attention

Build Community

Cultivate Compassion

Pursue Excellence

Inspire Leadership

Guide Critical Thinking

Instill Integrity

Celebrate Perseverance

Promote Independence

Stimulate Innovation

Embrace Experiences

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